How to apply

  1. Review the Grant Guidelines to determine if your program meets all application requirements.
  2. Submit a cover letter on your organization’s official stationary and include the following:
    • A brief description of your organization
    • The proposed program or project
    • The amount you are requesting
    • Two contact names, titles, address, email address and telephone number of the Executive Director or Senior Management.
  3. The cover letter and request information must be received by the Foundation by November 1st. Letters can be mailed to the Lake Family Foundation at P.O. Box 20896, Bakersfield CA 93390-0896.
  4. Along with your cover letter include a history and purpose of your organization and the primary demographic group served.
  5. Include a detailed description of your proposed project or program including goals and objectives plus a detailed budget for the request. If the proposal is for a specific project, it must effectively address the identified problem and its causes. Objectives must be clear, measurable and achievable within the funding period.
  6. Documentation must be provided to verify your organization 501(c)(3) status in the form of a Letter of Determination. Also include your organization’s financial statement for the prior fiscal year and a copy of your current year Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and your most current 990.
  7. Include a brief introduction of the staff who will implement and administer the program. Also include names, titles and contact information for the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.